Advice dog

Advice dog
Advice dog GO to Pedobear, Shoot em' in the head

Advice dog GO to Pedobear, Shoot em' in the head

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Advice dog caption: GO to Pedobear, Shoot em' in the head

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This dog is cute - look at AD and you will see. And he will give you advice on life, because he is Advice Dog internet meme! This meme provides sentences of what good you could do with your life. Maybe advice dog is not to smart but hey, he is from internets. This little puppy will tell you how to cook, hot to make love, live forever and even how to treat hipsters! If you are looking for advice the advice dog internet meme is waiting for you! AND WAAATCH THOSE EYEEES! THOSE PREEETY EYEESS!! Let advice puppy lead you through life full of internet memes.

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Advice dog meme

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